Shop With US

We are excited to announce that our store is now open for in store shopping! As we continue to shift our focus with our new brand we have limited hours, but hope to be fully staffed soon.

If you've shopped with us before you probably remember that our SUMMER COLLECTION is the perfect mix of ready to wear and elevated style. You'll have to come see for yourself!

The salon is operating under normal business hours and our clients/passersby are able to shop when a stylist is present!

The Beavotter

What is a Beavotter?

Funny you should ask. Sydney had an old sweatshirt that she loved dearly - one that was purchased from Goodwill and given to her by our grandmother. She wore it constantly, even as it got too small and became a crop top (before they were cool). After she passed in 2008 we took the image from the sweatshirt and created our store logo. There has been an ongoing debate about whether the pictured animal is a beaver or an otter so we combined them and came up with "The Beavotter". When you wear this shirt you are helping to keep alive the memory of a vibrant young girl who was taken too soon.

Wear it with pride and tell her story!